Four Corners of Civilization

Tales from the Silver Eel

by DM Mark

Tales from the Silver Eel

The Silver Eel bustled with pleasantly raucous excitement. Fighting men predominated and the clank of swordsmen’s harness mingled with the thump of tankards, providing a deep obbligato to the shrill laughter of the women. Swaggering Redcoats elbowed the insolent bravos of the merchant lords. Grinning serving wenches bearing open wine jars dodged nimbly between. In one corner a lotus addicted girl was dancing, the jingle of her silver anklet bells inaudible in the din. Outside the small, tight-shuttered windows a dry, whistling wind from the south filled the air with dust that eddied between the cobblestones and hazed the stars. But here all was jovial confusion.

Welcome to the Silver Eel. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious. Well, maybe that is not entirely accurate. While the Silver Eel does certainly cater to both scum and villains, to some, it is an oasis in the cesspool that is the Tenderloin District of Lankhmar. Here cutthroats mingle with those who make a somewhat honest living. Mercenaries, Peddlers, and even the occasional off duty City Watch Redcoat. All manner of business negotiations take place amid the numerous meeting rooms within the tavern. Both legal and illicit. The Silver Eel also serves as a place for those seeking adventure to take respite between harrowing dungeon crawls.

The current owner of this fine tavern is a human named Braggi. Braggi is a strong, but fat, man. Like all barkeeps in thief-ridden Lankhmar, he is extremely tight-lipped. Although willing to take the occasional bribe now and then for information, his most pressing concern is his continued existence and good health.

There was some arrangement made years ago by the powers that be that made The Silver Eel neutral territory among the gangs. No one knows the specifics, but the Garristas (gang leader) all enforce this rule. Gang related fights still break out in the tavern, but should a death result, it’s a slow, tortuous end for the violator.

Due to a fortuitous turn of events (Each player is allowed to submit to me their version to receive a possible reward) your party was able to secure the fifth and top floor of the Inn for your residence. Rent isn’t cheap, but it’s hard to beat having your finger on the pulse of the district.



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